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Here’s a quick tutorial on how to migrate multiple views and conversions/goals in Google Analytics.

It is a best practice to create multiple views such as raw, master and test. Google Analytics View

However, what happens if you have separate views created, but you need to share a conversion or goal from one view to another? For example, we have a global client that has many locations all over the world. We created views that have to do with each of those locations. In the master view, we created goals that we want to apply to the other views. It would be very tedious to have to recreate those goals across all of the other created views.

Carry Over Goals in Google Analytics

Here’s how to carry over the goals from one view to another:

  1. From the Goals menu click Share
  2. Click share to generate the link

How-to-Carry-Over-Goals-in-Google Analytics

3. Copy the link that is generated and paste it into your browser.

4. When the link opens up, it’s going to ask you to select a view at which point you can go through each view and pick the particular view that you’d like to carry over. Pretty simple. Makes it easy to carry over goals from one view to the next.

Carry Over Goals in Google Analytics